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Friday, September 19, 2014

Chris Christie Approves Second Bridge Closure

Embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced a new traffic study that will begin next Monday morning which will span over forty miles of state roads and highways and last for at least two weeks. In an hour long meeting with the press, Governor Christie spelled out the need for yet more lane closures, saying that “a real study must be undertaken since the first one had failed so badly.” Despite fallout from what many have termed, “Bridge Gate”, Christie and his new staff appeared confident in the upcoming study which they called a closure event. According to the official …continue reading

McDonalds To Open State Prison In Kentucky

McDonalds Wins Prison Contract

McDonalds announced late Friday they had been awarded the first commercial state contract to build and operate a high security prison facility in downtown Louisville Kentucky.  State officials confirmed the news during a crowded press conference at the state capitol, saying they had finally signed a deal with the giant fast food chain after considering more than seven proposals. Controversy surrounded the deal hammered out between Governor Beshear and executives at McDonalds who refused to comment as they were leaving the capitol building in Frankfort. Crowds of protesters lined the streets, some with signs condemning the new contract. One man …continue reading